Monday, August 18, 2008

Got wire closet blues? I do. How to rewire your home's video, ethernet, and phone system

My goal is to get the wire mess cleaned up for under $500.00.

First the list:
I have :
PCT-MA-1015-1p Video booster. ( Provided by my friends at Comcast )
Vonage VOIP router
D-link DES-1024d ethernet switch
Coolmax NAS drive
Netgear WG-602 Wireless access point
Gigafast GE500-S Gigabit switch
Dlink DIR 625 Router
Sony Location free Video Router
D-link external antenna
Cable modem

I have 16 home run cat5 runs, 16 coax runs, and 3 active telephone connections.

With this much stuff I figure I better go for the 42 inch Structured Media Enclosure + lid. While I am at it I will start off with the 24 port media panel.

After searching for the best price on the Leviton 42 inch enclosure and panel I found Smarthome to have the best price. total cost for the Leviton enclosure, media panel and flush mount cover...

Shipping to Minnesota was $25.99
total $356.96

I am going to have to be creative with the TV/coax to keep under $500.00.
More photos of the project:

This is the home for the Leviton enclosure. This is the backside to the wire mess. I will have to drill some holes in the 2x4's so I can route the cables and allow for sheetrock in the future.

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